Some of the services we offer…


Maintenance contracts are provided for new installation or monthly services.  Contracts can include lawn, plant, tree, irrigation and pesticide care.  Maintenance contracts can be catered to each property manager’s request.  There will be a bid submitted including all terms of the contract along with a frequency chart to outline our proposed services.  Upon your agreement we will provide all necessary certificates of insurance as requested and will be ready to commence work on agreed upon date.

Tree and Palm services.  We provide trimming and thinning to county codes.  We do not cut down or remove palms or trees unless they are diseased.  Greenscape will take all necessary measures to salvage your palms or trees with your approval.

Pest Control.  Licensed to provide full pesticide and fertilization services.  We will go out and provide a pesticide and or fertilization screening at which point we will provide you with an estimate and plan of action.  We have specialized programs for herbicide, pesticide, white fly, and fertilizers as needed.

Irrigation.  Greenscape is licensed and qualified to provide plans for new installation or repairs of breaks or worn out parts.  We can replace or repair pumps and or retrofit areas for better coverage.

Consulting.  Greenscape also offers consulting for upgrades and new installation of all services.